Strange Shadows

S1 E18 Season One Wrap Up

February 18, 2023
Strange Shadows
S1 E18 Season One Wrap Up
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Show Notes

We are joined by Mark Griffin and Richard Wilson of the 30+ Minutes with HP Lovecraft podcast for a look back over our first season.
We  talk HPL's enduring influence, favourite Smithian words and phrases, which story we enjoyed the most, Smith's approach to writing, and more. Plus an announcement about our Guest of Honour at the Innsmouth Literary Festival!

Huge thanks to all our guests, readers, Patrons, supporters and listeners for helping us reach over 1500 downloads. We will be releasing a Patron only episode next,  covering some of CAS' correspondence to Lovecraft and Derleth then, after a short break, we will be back with Season Two - The Door to Saturn...

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