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Strange Shadows

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Hosted by Tim Mendees and Rob Poyton of the Innsmouth Book Club, Strange Shadows is a fortnightly podcast devoted to the weird fiction of Clark Ashton Smith. One of the Trinity of Weird Tales authors, Smith, alongside Lovecraft and Howard, redefined cosmic horror and fantasy fiction. 
 With his distinct baroque style, Smith's work remains rich, powerful and evocative. Using the five volume Night Shade Press collection of Smith's work as our guide, we will be covering each of his stories in chronological order, as well as screen adaptations and aspects of the author's life. 
   Occasional guests will be joining us to share their knowledge and opinions about this most poetic of the Weird Tales writers. Episodes are free, with bonus content and other rewards available for patrons - click Subscribe or visit our Patreon page for details. See you in Zothique!