Strange Shadows

S1 E12 The Devotee of Evil, The Satyr

October 29, 2022 Season 1 Episode 12
Strange Shadows
S1 E12 The Devotee of Evil, The Satyr
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Show Notes

Two more short stories this episode. We start with the Dev of Ev and talk obscure pulps, the 8th Circle of Hell, Faust, impersonal evil, sonic vibrations and Shatner in space.
Then it's off to Averoigne for The Satyr, We talk rising sap, carry on films, Victorian repression and the Great God Pan, plus listener comments and news of our live Halloween chat from Innsmouth. Oh  -  and we also coin the phrase the Auburn Cycle!

Guest reader:  Robert Lloyd Parry  Nunkie Productions
Favourite words: Manichean, malebolge. infrangible, villaneilles, pleiade, chrysoprase, vertumnal.

Join us live in Innsmouth for a Halloween Youtube chat!  Sunday 30th  Oct, from 8pm UK time we will be streaming live from the Esoteric Order of Dagon! Click here to join us!

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