Strange Shadows

S1 E11 The Epiphany of Death

October 15, 2022 Season 1 Episode 11
Strange Shadows
S1 E11 The Epiphany of Death
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Show Notes

We cover two short stories this episode, starting with The Epiphany of Death. We talk Randolph Carter,  Ptolemy, Lovecraft's voice, and Dungeons and Dragons. 
Next, we look at Murder in the Fourth Dimension and talk Halpin Frayser, Ted Bundy, portable vibrators, and the Fourth Dimension, and ask "who is Mike?"
Guest reader: Shelley de Cruz  Graveheart Designs
Favourite words: Lacunae, adit, adipocere, nonce, corpus delecti, demonian

Join us live in Innsmouth for a Halloween Youtube chat!  Sunday 30th  Oct, from 8pm UK time we will be streaming live from the Esoteric Order of Dagon! Click here to join us!

Noel Farmer interview      Zothique D20 Guide      Blaylock 13 Phantasms     

The Catacombs of Ptolemides     The Ordeal of Randolph Carter

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