Strange Shadows

S1 E9 - The Monster of the Prophecy

September 17, 2022 Season 1 Episode 9
Strange Shadows
S1 E9 - The Monster of the Prophecy
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Show Notes

This episode sees us get into our longest Smith tale yet, and it's an interplanetary romance -  of sorts! We talk Ambrose Bierce, Antares, Elton John's time machine, laser rods and hairy pits, the Three F's of Smith, Howard and Lovecraft and interstellar conmen. We also read some comments from listeners and have news of our latest Patron bonus.
Oh -and we also have some homework for our listeners!

Guest reader:  Gavin Chappell of Lovecraftiana magazine

Favourite words: inanition, fulgurent, nyctaloptic, planturous, nacarat, erubescent,

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